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Jo & Gareth Wedding photography Staffordshire The Ashes.
3rd May 2016

 Wedding Photography Derbyshire


Wedding Photography Derbyshire at Lower Damage Farm, Llam by Chris Mullane Photography. Cool and relaxed wedding photographer in Derby covering all of the UK and exotic locations.

Kelsi & Dan found me on Google we had a quick chat on the phone then they popped into the studio to discuss what they wanted photographed on their wedding day.

On the day i left at 9am to give myself plenty of time incase of traffic, once i arrived i just had to photograph the cute sign of the venue i had plenty of time on my hands so carried on photographing the little bits & bobs around Lower Damage Farm.

Bridal Preps

I then went and spoke to Kelsi in her room with all the stunning bridesmaids who were all having fun getting ready, i left them to it and found Dan downstairs sorting out the little ones and the big boys,  i took some cool photos of the lads then shot back up to the girls who were finalising their hair and makeup. Got some super photos of the girls looking at Kelsi for the 1st time in her stunning wedding dress.

We had time to pop outside for a couple more shots before setting off to the ceremony down the road.

The ceremony was relaxed and fun especially when the guests broke out into song. As you can see from the bridesmaids at the front belting it out.

We then carried on outside to the beautiful Derbyshire countryside. I managed to get some celebration shots with confetti before the rain came in, unusually for July. We got back to Lower Damgate Farm before the heavens opened. Everyone mingled inside whilst it poured down for 10 mins outside. We did manage to get outside in-between the downpours and catch a few shots. One of my favs is the boys sitting on the log and also the girls showing the bracelets given to them from Kelsi.

The Speeches

Speeches, well what can i say, not many dry eyes at the Lower Damgate Farm today, all well spoken too and on to cutting the cake then that concluded the day PARTY TIME!

Wedding photography Derbyshire.

Please call me to see if we can photograph your wedding day. 07974964678 Many Thanks Chris.

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