Melbourne view hotel

Same Sex Marriage
Same Sex Wedding
17th November 2019
Melbourne view hotel

Melbourne view hotel

Melbourne view hotel

The Melbourne view hotel is a scenic location in the South Derbyshire Countryside, a truly beautiful venue to get married, just perfect for Rosalynn and Todd. The venue has a relaxed atmosphere with amazing gardens and fabulous views. Just on my doorstep.

The Arrival

Rosalynn arrived at the venue just in time to be escorted in by Best Man Kinder. Protected from the downpour by a big golf umbrella.  Rosalynn made he way to one of the beautiful bedrooms and stepped into her dress ready for the ceremony to start at 13.00.

Stunning and ready to go, she made her way down the stairs to the excited wedding party. 

My role as photographer expanded to, photographer come weather man.  Keeping one eye on the quick changing weather.  I started to take photographs inside the venue.  The relaxed running and flexibility of both staff and wedding party allowed me to whizz them outside when we had a break in the rain.  Making the most of the grounds and gardens.  I even got time to get everyone together to capture my signature heart shot.  

Once I had finished with the group photographs, I collared Kinder into helping me out with the Bride and Groom photo walk, bringing his big umbrella along, just in case. 

The Signature board

As the guests enjoyed their High Tea, I passed around the signature board.  Unsure who was responsible but it was not long before Todd had some added extras, a pirate earring and a black tooth.  Thankfully these were wiped off before the couple saw it. Lads banter….!

To finish off for the final shot of the day we had a couple of confetti cannons to set off at the first dance. Kinder and Mel, maid of honour, set them off perfectly enabling me to capture that final picture.






Life is like a camera focus on whats important, And if things don’t work out take another shot

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