Same Sex Wedding

Wedding photographer near me
Wedding photographer near me
7th July 2019
Melbourne view hotel
Melbourne view hotel
16th April 2020
Same Sex Marriage

Groom in love

Same Sex Wedding

Same Sex Wedding at the stunning Yeldersley Hall of Danny and Ben. This was an amazing day from start to finish, being able to celebrate their special day with an amazing set of people. 

Groom Preparations

With both men having two very close friends as best women. Leanne, Lauren being Bens and Emily and Cat being Danny. I was busy going back and forth to both rooms, which were across the courtyard, capturing their special moments from start to finish.

The Ceremony 

First to appear down the aisle were the four best women Emily and Cat, followed by Leanne, Lauren looking stunning as ever in their flowing emerald dresses.

The room was filled with emotion, as Danny walked down the aisle with Mum. Then Ben entered as both grooms eyes locked, you can tell straight away the passion and commitment they have for each other and you know its a life long commitment for them both. 

The Photo walk

We managed to go on two photo walks with the grooms. Even though the weather wasn’t fantastic as it was raining. It was still an enjoyable moment as both Grooms were happy to have a special moment to themselves. With a little guidance from myself it seemed natural that both Grooms were complete naturals in front of the camera. 

My Reflection on the Day

I can say that photographing a Same Sex wedding comes natural to me. I have captured many in the previous years and hopefully many more to come in the future. This venue is one of my favorite to photograph at as the gardens are amazing.


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  1. James Malkin says:

    Beautiful wedding photography! I’ve been shooting weddings for almost 10 years now and I’m still waiting to get the opportunity of capturing a same sex wedding. I’d love to add something like this to my portfolio.

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